Medieval Tounaments at Sommeregg Castle

Adventure Trips into the Middle AgesThe history told at Sommeregg Castle revolves around love, sorrow, and chivalry. Around 70 performers, knights, horsemen, acrobats, craftsmen and castle maidens show that the Middle Ages were not so dark after all, at the eighth Medieval Tournament so far.

For three weeks again this year, the maidens and warriors will give you a close-up experience of the Middle Ages near Sommeregg Castle in Seeboden.

More than 100 000 enthusiastic visitors have witnessed the herald call to “Turnkey” in past years. The bold horsemen offer one tournament on Wednesdays and two action-filled but historically authentic shows from Thursday to Sunday. We won’t give away anything about the romantic plot – of course it is about the high ethics of honour, bravery and courtly love. 7 horsemen, 10 shield-bearers and many sword-fighters are part of the program...

Handcraft Market and PerformersBesides the taverns, smoking kitchens, fish grills, the ceramic distillery and the bakery, one of the most famous troupes of performance artists in Europe also ensures top entertainment in The Middle Age Village. The "Theatre Aurora", with its 15 performers, is especially attractive for children. A fire show, children’s and adult theatre, magic and quackery are just a few of the program highlights they offer.

Handcrafts you thought were extinct The Medieval Market, along with the catering and the artist stage, is located in the village and therefore worth a visit to see the new changes. Besides the crafts persons who present handcrafts that are all but extinct, there is much more for the spectators to gape at. "Fiches Mäuseroulette", "Die Nussknacker" and archery provide for some distractions - for the more malicious, there is the “mud stall”.
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