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'Gong Night - Puja, born out of abundance'

Seeboden am Millstätter See


Gong night in the Kulturhaus Seeboden from 9 pm - 6 am. Gong-"Puja" - born out of abundance". It is also the abundance of sounds that makes this special night unforgettable. A wonderful ceremony with a guided meditation. Gentle sound compositions of several gongs, singing bowls, monochord and other sound elements accompany you through the night, which can have a cleansing, harmonising and renewing effect. Gabriele Schumi, Gerhard Hallegger, Tina Kreuzer and Franz Kapeller will guide you through the night. To register, please call +43 650 211 77 32; the number of participants is limited.


Fr21:00 o'Clock

Friday, April 12, 2024 - Saturday, April 13, 2024


culture houseSeeboden am Millstätter SeeProf. Otto Eder Platz 1